‘The Coast’ Reviews The Middle Spoon

The Middle Spoon has got your fancy cocktail and daily caloric intake covered.

By Kristen Pickett

When my girlfriends and I arrive at The Middle Spoon on a Saturday night in February, the bitter cold has pierced through my coat and I’m tempted to order a coffee to warm up. But then I look at the cocktail menu and swiftly come to my senses.
It’s 10pm. Several tables are full, but we manage to score three seats at the bar. These seats really are the best ones— watching the staff craft the bar’s creative cocktails is almost like a dinner theatre. The space is filled with intimate, cluster-styled seating—appropriate since desserts are often shared. Striking light fixtures, mirrors and large pieces of artwork act as focal points against the red and silvery-mauve walls. The leather furniture adds a touch of sex appeal.   Read More >>

See our mixologist Jenner Cormier in action

Jenner makes the Eleven44

Titanic inspired Cocktail "The Night Sky"

The Banshee

An Old Fashion

How to Make a "Don't Blush"


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