Franchise FAQ

We understand that the decision to open a franchise is a big one that should not be taken lightly. We have a very streamlined approach to walk through the deliberation process to see if The Middle Spoon is the right concept for you, as well if you’re the right fit for The Middle Spoon.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to have one of our representatives’ reach out to you and begin this process. In the meantime our FAQ below will help with many of the things people want to know when initially looking into a franchise

Do I need previous restaurant experience to open a Middle Spoon?

The simple answer is no you do not. While pervious restaurant (or business ownership/management) experience can be helpful, The Middle Spoon is unique in its own right. We have a great training program in place to give you all the confidence and know how needed to own and run a Middle Spoon.

How much will it cost to open a Middle Spoon?

The cost of opening a Middle Spoon has a number of factors. Things like what the location was previously and its square footage, along with local and regional factors that all play a role. Please refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for estimated costs. We would gladly answer any questions you may have about this section.

How much is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee is a one time $35,000 fee, payable upon signing of the Franchise Agreement. Franchise agreements are 10 years with a 10 year option to renew. We do not charge any fee at the time of renewal.

How much is the royalty payment?

The royalty is 6% of gross sales and is collected weekly

Is there an advertising fund that I must contribute to?

There is a fund in place but you only need to make contributions once the fund is activated for your area. Once the fund is activated we require a 2% of gross sales contribution. The fund will only be activated once there is a certain number of stores regionally or nationally that we see a benefit to pooling our resources. Funds will never be spent to market the selling of franchise units. All contributions into the fund must also be spent within 12 months, this avoids any unnecessary collection. Until the fund becomes active we encourage you to spend that 2% as you best see fit within your operation. We do require 1% of gross sales to be spend on local marketing whether the fund is active or not.

How are The Middle Spoon locations chosen?

The franchise partner along with the help of a retail real estate professional use the Middle Spoon guidelines to identify potential locations. Once several potential locations have been identified Home Office, the franchise partner and the real estate professional discuss pros and cons of each. The franchise partner submits to home office the official request for a location. At the end of the day it’s you that picks your location and home office approves or rejects it. Home office would never push you into a location you are not happy with.

Do I get a protected territory where other Middle Spoon’s cannot open near my store?

Yes. A number of factors play a role in the size of your territory. Our goal is to have great stores, we believe the sacristy in the number of open stores out there helps toward that.